An anti-counterfeit system in your hands

Counterfeiting of products, a global menace

Every new product or technology is fraught with the risk of counterfeiting. Fake products have an enormous market world-over and dangerously, they have now trickled deep into the mainstream market as well. As per a UN-report, the counterfeit market is as massive as 250 billion dollars a year and growing. Apart from damaging brand-reputation, this market is also absorbing all the revenue-value menacingly, hitting badly the potential of companies for making effective products in future. Most of all, the end-consumers of various products become victims of fakery unknowingly.

QR Code mechanism

We’re confident and sure that QR Code mechanism will go a long way in curbing counterfeiting of our products for our dear customers in Vietnam, providing them definitely with an added level of engagement and peace of mind.

A big help for Motorola customers

A simple solution to know the genuineness of products


Scan the QR Code of your product


There is an instant access to our web-page


Take photo of the QR Code with your mobile phone.


The Code gets authenticated by our AI-empowered mechanism

Threat of counterfeiting in Vietnam

Even companies in Vietnam face the threat of counterfeiting. A report from the International Chamber of Commerce’s Business Action to Stop Counterfeiting and Piracy (ICC BASCAP) has revealed that lack of awareness among consumers is one of the main reasons for pirated products in Vietnam. Motorola Solutions have a good presence and appeal in the country. Our products have a big acceptance here with their efficacy in having effortless and reliable communications, keeping businesses thriving and communities safe.

Identify genuine products, all by yourself

But counterfeit products in our name are the primary challenge in the country’s market for us. We earnestly value our customers and brand. To combat the situation and provide customer-security at individual level, we’ve brought in QR Codes to fight counterfeit threats. We’ve placed QR Codes on our products to convey and verify their validity and originality. Now our customers can conduct product-verification for authenticity themselves. Each unit of our products will have a unique QR Code, encoded with a unique identifier and that identifier will be tied to the information of the specific product in our data-base.

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